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"Recognizing the Importance of Carers: Celebrating Carer's Week 10th - 16 June 2024"


Carers Week is a yearly campaign that aims to highlight the challenges faced by carers, and recognise the outstanding contribution that unpaid carers make to their families, friends and communities up and down the UK.

Anyone who looks after a family member or friend who has a mental or physical illness, a disability, an addiction, or requires additional support as they age, is a carer. Caring responsibilities can have a huge impact on the carer’s life, both day-to-day and long term, affecting relationships, health, finances, school and work. In some cases, the individuals involved might be unaware they’ve become a carer as the transition from short-term help to long-term care can sometimes be subtle. Therefore, another aim of Carers Week is to help people recognise if they’ve become an unpaid carer, signpost what help might be available, and encourage them to reach out for help when they need it.

Though Carers Week focuses on carers in the UK, the challenges faced by carers are universal, even more so in low- and middle-income countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh and India, where the awareness and support of carers isn’t as strong as in the UK.

Please visit Carers Worldwide for more information:


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